Exfoliate Facial Scrub

Gentle with a deep reach. Removes dead skin, impurities and toxins whilst nourishing and healing imperfections – leaving you fresh-faced and rejuvenated.

  • Deeply exfoliates & targets imperfections
  • Eliminates dead skin & Impurities
  • Clears & reduces the size of pores
  • Restores natural pH balance
  • Brightens & evens skin tone
  • Strengthens natural protective barriers
  • Rich in vitamins B5, E & C plus Omega- 6, 7 & 9 fatty acids
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Jordan M.

Amazing scrub, haven't been using it long but have noticed my skin is clearing up and is softer.

Exfoliating should be a soothing, tactile experience. Our Exfoliate Facial Scrub knows it.

Rich and refined, our blend of sea minerals and walnut shell powder buffs the skin with a gentle touch. And, thanks to roasted coffee seed extract, it doesn’t dissolve in water – boosting its exfoliating prowess.

After clearing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, our Exfoliate Facial Scrub strengthens your skin’s natural protective barriers. And improves your skin’s ability to protect itself.

With excess dirt, oil and impurities eliminated, your skin can return to its natural pH balance.

Made in Australia – with all skin types in mind – our Exfoliate Facial Scrub leaves skin balanced and healthy: never red, never dry. Use twice weekly for robust yet silky skin.

100 ml / 3.4fl.oz

100% Australian Made
Cruelty Free & Ethical
Scientifically Developed For Men
Revate Skin Exfoliate Facial Scrub 22

Restore Your Skin

Rich and robust, yet gentle to not strip hydration or the skin's natural protective barriers.

Return your skin to it's natural, balanced state free of impurities and clogged pores. Inclusion of nurturing ingredients ensure skin remains supple, revitalised and energised.

Expertly crafted in Australia with proven science backed ingredients & without any harmful chemicals such as sulphates or parabens.

Proven Active Ingredients

Salicylic Acid

Exfoliates naturally and hydrates effectively. Treats acne, imperfections and uneven texture for smooth, blemish-free skin.

Sea Salt

Removes dead skin cells, clears pores of dirt and oil, and restores the skin’s natural pH balance.

Walnut Shell Powder

De-clogs pores to manage blackheads and whiteheads. High in potassium and vitamins B5 and E to tighten and brighten dull skin.

Bamboo Stem

Absorbs oil, improves skin texture and fights acne with its rich silica content. Boosts collagen production and locks in moisture. High in vitamins C and E.

Macadamia Seed Oil

Contains phytosterols – natural plant compounds – and omega-6, 7 & 9 fatty acids, which soothe, calm and repair the skin.

Coffee Seed

Fights free radicals and promotes elasticity through a rich dose of antioxidants. Stimulates and energises the skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jonno D. (Melbourne, Australia)
Best scrub I've used

Onto my second of this scrub, my skin feels amazing after using and it doesn't strip hydration.

Owen M. (Melbourne, Australia)
Gentle great for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and have found this scrub to be perfect for me. Natural ingredients exfoliate really well and my face feels clearer without being red or irritated. Highly recommend if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a great working scrub

M.R. (Darwin, Australia)
Great Balance

Product has a great balance with cleanser and exfoliate, easy to apply and washes off well

Darrel W. (Brisbane, Australia)
Gentle but does the job

After having good results with the cleanser and moisturiser decided to give the scrub a try. Works really well, skin feels absolutely smooth and free of anything after using once a week. It exfoliates better than anything else I’ve tried but my face doesn’t feel stripped and dry like those other products.

Sam M. (Sydney, Australia)
Smooth skin

Got this in the bundle with everything else. Face feels so smooth after using makes shaving easier

Jake N. (Melbourne, Australia)
Products work great

Bought this after trying out the cleanser and moisturiser in a bundle. The scrub great like the other two, skin feels flawless after using.

Adrian M. (Brisbane, Australia)
Feels great

The exfoliator is easy to use, leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed. A really great product and would recommend.

Nick J. (Melbourne, Australia)
Works for acne

I use the cleanser too and have found using both have calmed down my breakouts. Seems like the blackheads on my nose have also reduced

Jordan M. (Melbourne, Australia)
Skin looks and feels clearer

Amazing scrub, haven't been using it long but have noticed my skin is clearing up and is softer